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Type AWS2-1 (AWS2-1)

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Exterior Size:

Ø1020mm(W) × 1520mm(D) x 2630mm(H)
Material OF Dust Collector: SS400 / SUS304
Amount Of Filter: Cartridge Filter × 2 Pieces
Area Of Filter: Well-Pet 46 M² / Well-Fib 20 M²
Filter Size: φ 13.8” × 26” L ( φ 350m m × 660m m L)
Cleaning Mode:

The timer control high pressure air automatically cleans, and pressure drop differ control to Clean , can allow to choose 1 kind.The cleaning after shutting down provides with for the standard.

Cleaning Kit: Solenoid valve and Diaphragm valve × 2 kits
Efficiency: Particle@1~2 micron = 99.9﹪
Dust Collection Type: Direct full in 55gallon drum
Discharge Type: Discharge By Smokestack


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